Friday, September 01, 2006

Episode Five Teaser - See it now!

Hi Folks
The moment many of you have been waiting for has arrived, I suppose.
The first fruits of my latest labor: The official "Agent Emes and the Happy Chanukah" teaser. It's about 3 minutes, 50 seconds long and features temporary music composed in Apple's "Soundtrack" application.
I think it works, but would love to hear feedback from you viewers out there. So please, comment away.

Still lots to do in order to get this out on time, so gotta run.

you can check out the Agent Emes 5 teaser in ipod format here: for ipod.m4v

And don't worry, you don't need a video ipod to view it, but you DO need Apple's "itunes" app, available in Windows or Mac format

And here it is in mpeg 4. Not as clear, but some of you may prefer it