Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Part 2 is almost ready!

I've been working furiously to finish episode 7 AKA Part 2 of "Hard To Forget". Here's what the new cover is going to look like:

But I had to go to Brooklyn for two days to introduce part 1 at the Chabad Kinus HaShluchim, and to buy a new kapote, and good kosher meat for my refrigerator.
The kinus was great. As usual, I was inundated with rabbis of all shapes and sizes telling me that they had strict orders not to come home without the new Agent Emes.

I also showed a sneak peak at part 2, which was close enough to being ready to warrant a preview. Since the kinus fair took place at Ohelei Torah, where a cheder is located, a bunch of kids came down during their recess to watch the new film.

I was nearly crushed against the wall as they strained and pushed to get a good look at my modest monitor. The other vendors were shooting me looks as well, as the kids were disrupting business for anyone near them.
On one hand I felt bad about it, but it was hard to ignore the positive publicity that came from it.

I took some video of the event, and as soon as I am finished with #7, I'll post something you all to see.

One more thing: last week I bought a GPS to take with me to NYC and I recommend it for anyone who ever finds him or herself driving in a strange city. It's a huge stress reliever, and lots of fun as well.

Until later.