Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Agent Emes #10 - Teaser Scene

Hey what do you know? Two postings in one day. As promised, here's a scene recently cut for the new "Karrupter" episode.
Comments are welcome.

Pics from the set - yes we are STILL filming #10

Agent Emes #10 (now called "The Karrupter") is still filming.
Yes - you heard me correctly. 85% finished in editing, but last 15% is still yet to be filmed.
So we have been squeezing days in as schedules and weather permits.
I am down to a skeleton crew at this point, as the funds have dried up.
And - if anyone has been following the weather these days - it's been quite cold this winter.

So here are a few pics from last week's shoot inside an abandoned brake manufacturing warehouse. It was freezing and dusty and late.

Our Cinematographer, Doug Stanczak
Contrary to popular belief, Yissachar actually performs his own stunts in Agent Emes. Here he is, about to turn a doorknob.

Even in the middle of a take, if someone calls out "dinner is here", everything stops.

Enjoy. I think I'll post a teaser scene shortly.

Friday, January 08, 2010


So what am I supposed to do about this?