Monday, July 14, 2008

Production is finished!

Here's the latest on the most exciting year for Agent Emes yet.

We have finished production! Almost.
Up until the second to last day of filming, we were completely on schedule. But on day #25, I finally overestimated what we could get done - so I have now fallen behind one day - which I will make up in August.

I'm not gonna say much about plots at this point. What I will tell you is that while some of the previous cast will be returning for the next three episodes, many of the key roles have been filled with new characters and actors. There is, of course, a new Agent Emes, but there is also a new villain, set of parents, and siblings for the new character.

People have been asking about a trailer/teaser, and I will do my best to get one up by late Aug, early Sept.

Since wrapping on Monday, I have been making a rough cut of episode #6 (1st for this season), and have now completed almost 20 minutes of that.

One of the nice things is that the special effects requirements are not so extensive for #6, so that should make the process go much faster. The third one we shot (number 8) is going to be loaded with SFX, so I will have my work cut out for me this Winter.

Last thing I'm gonna mention is that if there are any web marketing, or just plain marketing experts out there, who have ideas for how to spread word of Agent Emes further into the world, please let me know.

Over and out.

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When is #8 coming out