Thursday, October 22, 2009

Number 9 - coming soon!

Hi Fans,

Sorry for taking so long between posts. What with Twitter, Facebook, and all the other "social networking" sites, I have basically stopped publishing anything. On one hand, I am overwhelmed, but on the other, I am just lazy.

The truth is that I have been VERY BUSY trying to finish up Agent Emes #9.
The official title for the new episode is now


I think it's pretty catchy.
The episode itself will run about 51 minutes in length.

We test screened it at Hershey Park last month, and used the feedback we received there to cut out some extraneous material that didn't move the story forward.
Hershey was amazing, as we met a lot of existing fans, and also sold a lot of DVDs to new ones. The exposure was fantastic. Can you believe that there are some who still haven't heard of Agent E? Sad, but true.

I hope to be posting a clip from the Hershey appearance, as well as a trailer for the new episode soon.

So let your friends know: Agent Emes: The Sofer Story is coming soon.

Best to all.


Leah Gurlty said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update

Tova said...

are you really on twitter and facebook or was that a joke?