Sunday, February 28, 2010

Agent Emes Purim Costumes!

Happy Purim to all. May it be the last one in golus!

I wanted to share some pictures of kids I found wearing Agent Emes costumes tonight. If you have any to send back, by all means, I'd love to see them.


Shifra said...

I saw a kid wearing the CUTEST agent emes costume! I didnt have my camera on me, but he looked 'adar'able K"H! Go everyone who dressed up like agent emes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Anonymous said...

how do you make a moustach? i used tape but what whould be better?

leibel said...

mendel -
The first agent emes used a real fake moustache (if that makes sense). Yissachar uses painted on makeup.
Black tape could work I suppose, but it might hurt when you pull it off!
The hardship of "wearing the moustache" is one of the little known challenges to being Agent Emes.

Anonymous said...

Mendy looks just like his brother.

iTAK said...

Are you planning on putting up pics kids send you via email of them wearing Agent Emes costumes? You did ask to see them. We keep checking every day to see if ours got up.

leibel said...

iTAK -
Can you give me more info on how you submitted the pic? I'm not sure that I got it.