Saturday, March 20, 2010

New "behind the scenes" video now online

Hey Fans,

A gut voch to all.
Just uploaded a little ">"behind the scenes" video from filming last summer that I thought you may enjoy.
Just something to keep you going while waiting for the completion of the next Agent Emes episode (#10, the Karrupter)


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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Agent Emes costume from Purim

Here's Minnesota's biggest Agent Emes fan, along with a note from his parents:

"It's hard to imagine a greater fan than Mendy Mishulovin from MN. Purim wasn't much of a change for him as he frequently dresses up as Agent Emes. This pic is from Purim, though.

He'd like you to know that whenever he earns the privilege of watching a video, he always chooses an Agent Emes one.
Please keep putting out great AE videos....he can't wait until the next one!

A kosher and Freilichen Pesach!"

Keep Sending them in!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Special Costumes in Agent Emes - The Karrupter

The big news is that there is one, yes ONE more day left of shooting on Agent Emes 10: "The Karrupter".
Yesterday found yours truly haunting the streets of downtown Squirrel Hill wearing the extremely cool, and excessively heavy Karrupter costume. This thing has to be seen to be believed.

The short story is that I had been planning for months to rent a 1950's-style spacesuit from a costume shop in LA. That is, until a week out of shooting the Karrupter scenes, and they told me the very affordable rental of $350 was only good if I returned the costume to them in 7 days. Let's see... LA to Pittsburgh, regular shipping time: 3-4 days. Then figure Shabbos in between. It was clear that either I had to cough up and extra $600 to overnight the thing, of go pay for the extra week. The affordable costume was suddenly no longer so affordable.

I quickly got on the phone with Adam M., my creative collaborator, and we decided to buy a cool suit on ebay, and then he (Adam) would dress it up to be even cooler.
So we found the snazziest old silver suit we could find and then I got the winning bid, because no one else was remotely interested in the monstrosity. The tip off should have been that is was officially described as an "Air Fed" suit.

When the suit arrived, the meaning of that term became quickly apparent. By the way, it came without the air supply.

But, I was already in for the duration, so Adam worked magic on the 40 lb. sweat-suit and, in the end, we had our Karrupter costume.

So last week we filmed Marty Giles, the extremely talented actor who plays Karrupter, wearing the special suit. He was great. But there were still a lot of b-roll shots, stuff like the villain walking around town in the suit, that we needed to get. And rather than bother Marty with the ordeal, I suited up, and Adam and Clint shot the b-roll.

So that is what I am editing in now.

I also have a ton more special effects to do, so this baby is far from over...

Until later.

Friday, March 05, 2010