Saturday, March 20, 2010

New "behind the scenes" video now online

Hey Fans,

A gut voch to all.
Just uploaded a little ">"behind the scenes" video from filming last summer that I thought you may enjoy.
Just something to keep you going while waiting for the completion of the next Agent Emes episode (#10, the Karrupter)


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Anonymous said...

i without a doubt love all your writing style, very helpful.
don't quit and keep posting simply because it simply just that is worth to look through it.
excited to browse a lot more of your current articles, have a pleasant day ;)

Anonymous said...

IS it possible to download it on something other than youtube?

leibel said...

To the question about YouTube:
I usually put trailers up both Vimeo and YouTube. In this case, the piece was so small, I didn't bother. If you object to visiting the site, you can watch it right here on the blog page. That's why I embed it there.

Anonymous said...

it is great. can you start posting behind the scences video's here?

Cheli Bigelman said...

can you pllllllllease put bloopers in the vidoes gee thanks!!!!!!! shimmy (Sholom Ber Cohen) dosent need a fake moshtache any more :) he has a real one :D

Anonymous said...

lol! it's so funny to see it after you watched the video because their saying it in a different tone and all - very cute!! keep up the gr8 work!!

age 12