Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Part 2 Ships Monday, Dec 15

Yes, you read it hear correctly. Episode 7, "Hard To Forget: Part 2" is almost ready to ship, so all of you who have been asking "what happens to Agent Emes?" will finally get your answer.

I'm not gonna post a trailer for the new episode, but in the meantime, you can enjoy this little piece I put together from this year's Chabad Kinus Hashluchim

Agent Emes at Kinus Hashluchim 5769 from Leibel on Vimeo.


marcus mv said...

I can't seem to find any trailers of the new agent emes!

boruch shpigelman(big fan) said...

cmae on pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease put a trailer of episode 7 p.s i have every single episode from 1 throo 6

Anonymous said...

hey zvi hershcovich in oholei torah!

Anonymous said...

my favorite part is the bloopers, when agent emes can't catch his hat!
and my 'nother favorite part is when Agent emes caught the keys and said "i wanna drive."

my scariest part was: when uncle evil didn't come to his mommy's birthday.

Sheindy of SM, age 3

Anonymous said...

favorite part: when shimmy picks up uri and when uri catches the keys.
scariest part: when uncle evil says 'the only thing scarier than me is my mother."
i like it alot.
Sara of SM age 5.5

Anonymous said...

favorite part: when betzalel says "do you know the song just one shabbos?"
and then agent emes says, "yeah, i know that song. it's one of my favorites..."
and it's also mine.

scariest part: the first time i watched it, the whole entire thing was scary, except for some parts. but the second time, nothing was scary.

is episode 8 ready??
Chana of SM age 7

Anonymous said...

favorite part: when uri winks at the end.
Sheindy of SM, age 3

Yaakov said...

my favorite parts are when the new AGENT EMES AND OLD AGENT EMES team up great idea

Anonymous said...

i think it's a great video but its so scary for little kids- each time it's made more and more like a movie like the blood etc...

Anonymous said...

could you please clarify what happened to Dr. Lo Tov?
Thank you so much!

Yossi said...

i love agent emmes

Anonymous said...

hi laibel,i love agentemes #7it's SSSSSSSOOOOOO GGGGOOOODDDD!!! i watch it almost every night along whith #6,i even have famliy gatherings when we wach it.
scaryist part:whan agentemes whas in that scary room
funnyst part:when ory said suprise!and also the 3rd agent emes.
by the way whare is dr.lo tov and why shimmi 1 of the other acters?
say to reuven that eichenblatt's say hi.

chana jacobson said...
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