Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Agent Emes 8 is reaching stores today!

In deference to the outcry from some stores that I make episode 8 available for them to sell, the new Agent Emes is being distributed to Judaica stores throughout greater New York today.

I am a bit concerned not to antagonize fans who responded to my ads that the episode is only available from our website. However, these ads have mostly come and gone, and now the situation has changed. "Agent Emes and the Shavuos Trial" is available in stores and from the official Agent Emes website.

Wanna hear a story to about just how far some stores were willing to go so that I would ship them the new episode? I'll use a fictional name to protect the guilty.

A man, Zev, emailed from Judaica Store X telling me that a secret consortium of Judaica stores was gathering together to boycott Agent Emes and return DVDs of previous episodes to my distributor. He wants to know why I wasn't shipping. This email made me quite nervous, naturally.

Now on the very same day, I received an email from Yehuda X, saying that he is a teacher at a Flatbush yeshiva, and wants to pay wholesale for 25 copies of the new AE that he can sell to his students. That sounded good, so I began to negotiate prices and terms with him.

Then I became suspicious.

I googled Yehuda X and found his name once, and only once on the whole internet. And guess what? He was soliciting business for the same Judaica Store X that wrote me about he secret boycott of Agent Emes!!!!

You understand what is going on over here?

Neither do I. But this man was obviously willing to go to great lengths to get Agent Emes onto his store shelves.

This, in part, is why I caved to pressure from stores to get it in to them sooner than I had originally expected.

Anyone out there seen the new episode yet? This is a great place to leave feedback.


Tova said...

will this be available in Baltimore as well?

Anonymous said...

my kids and I just watched the video. It was very good, but it did frighten my under 9 set. We enjoyed the trial the best and the new betzalel is adorable. Two suggestions though- we miss the goofies and how you do the special effects. The second is the agent emes t-shirt- secret agent emes kissing the mezuzzah or doing something else jewish to fight crime might be more appropraite, because the issue is yiddishkeit and not force wins the day. We look forward to your next episode.

Anonymous said...

will it be availble in chicago illonois as well please anser me I didnt watch it yet ff

Anonymous said...

I got Agent-emes #8 and I love it! just one suggestion, can you make a preview for every episode like 1-5("Shimmy Epstein would seem...")-except,of
course,it would have Uri,not Shimmy.
also, what happened to Dr.lo-tov?
can't wait for #9!

Anonymous said...

its awesome but it feels so short BTW the new actor is extremley good