Monday, June 22, 2009

New production starts next week!

The Agent E carousel never stops spinning, as we once again move into "production" mode and begin filming episodes 9 & 10 for the upcoming year.

The most exciting thing about these new episodes is that I will finally be introducing a new villain into the mix. I know, I know, Uncle Evil was new, but he is still part of the "Lo-Tov" family. This time I'm veering more into the super-villain category that you find in the comic books. All I can tell you is his name: "The Korruptor". But more I will not say.

The ninth episode will feature a lot more of yours truly, as Rabbi Abrams, as well as some nice stuff with Terri Naiditch as Ma Lo-Tov.

Still, all beginnings, as they say, are difficult, and I am always nervous when beginning a new production, especially when not all the elements are completely in place (like endings for both episodes, for instance).

Stay tuned. I hope to post pics from the shoot as we go forward.

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Anonymous said...

Boy! You churn them out faster than JK Rowling and Warner Brothers. Impressive!