Monday, May 24, 2010

Now Shipping!

Agent Emes #10 is now shipping.
You can place your order here.


Yaakov said...

Rabbi Cohen the Mishkan angle was very interesting what is the source for that

Yaakov said...

How did agent emes sunglasses open the lock, was it a microwave jammer or some sonic device?

leibel said...

Not sure if this is the same Yaakov but to answer the questions in order:

1. The idea that the Jew is a Beis Hamikdash in miniature is contained in the writings of Kabbalah and Chassidus, including the Shelah, and Derech Mitzvosecha by the Tzemech Tzedek, as well as the kisvai haAriZal.

2. What actually happened by the lock is that before AE had a chance to activate the sunglasses beam, he noticed the lock was already opened! That's because the Karrupter was waiting for him inside.
Unfortunately, I may not have conveyed this so clearly in the filming.
Look again, and you will see it.

Menachem Mendel Mishulovin said...

i love the new one.before i got it i thought it would be the scariest one and it mother told me that you emailed her on facebook that i should encourage kids to want to buy the new agentemes.why is yissachars father so hot when he lights the furnace

Tova said...

We just bought it and everyone loved it!! So if this is Yissachar's last film, will there be another Agent Emes?

And you never told us what happened to Dr Lo Tov...or Uncle Evil and Clarence for that matter.

Please respond!

And as always, thanks for making such wonderful films with good messages and great entertainment!

leibel said...

MM: The reason Uri's father looks so hot is because it was hot!
We filmed that seen last summer in a hot basement, and we were all sweating.
We would have used makeup if we could afford it, but we can't, so we didn't.
Thanks for asking.

karrrrupter fan/foe said...

we watched the new ae and its really professionaly made! it captures your interest and is exiting!
just for small tiny tots it might give them the chills. i think that you should mae two agent emeses. one for big tots (like this one) and one for tiny little peeps that will be happy and satisfied with cute pictures and easy filming. but for the big monsters, (like me) we like this action of the new "karrrrrrrrrrupter" video!
we love you agent emes!!

Shifra said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

its so good!!!!!!
keep up the good work leible

Anonymous said...

What happened to Dr. Lo-Tov?
And keep up the great work with the videos!