Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Hi Folks,

Thought I'd take time during this brief, break in the action, to fill you in on some known facts about our upcoming fall release:
"Agent Emes in Shushan Shpittsburgh"

On July 9 we completed principal photography on episodes 11 & 12.
Yesterday, I finished the rough (in some cases very rough) cut, of #11.
It is running 45 minutes, but a lot remains to be trimmed and cut. On the other hand, several scenes have still not been completely filmed, so my guess is the final running time will be between 45-48 minutes. Give or take a useless credit.

Everyone is wondering about our new actor in the title role. His name is Mati Wechsler. He is a talented and enthusiastic actor who has appeared in other films and will bring a new dimension to the Agent Emes role.

Returning will be Amy Guterson and Hirsh Dlinn (both of whom haven't been seen much since episode #5), as well as regulars Reuven Russell, Moshe Pekkar, Yosroel Leeds, et al.

As for our villain(s)... this time around there will be no Uncle Evil, and no Dr. Lo-Tov. This story will be a little bit different, and I'll let you know a little more about it in a future post.

Don't Forget to check out the streaming vids elsewhere on this page!


Menachem Mendel Mishulovin said...

im really exited about the upcoming episode!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s are you working on 11 and 12 both at the same time?!!!!!!! i hope you will get them done as soon as you can. i love agent-emes from minnesota's bigest agent emes fan

mendy story time said...
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Anonymous said...

I am SO SO SO excited. I love Amy and Hirsh. I hope the old agent emes also makes another comeback!
- Ahuva

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! CANT WAIT!
its always nice to have the old characters back in, and amy is a great actress!!
where and when does mati appear? does he have significant parts in previous episodes?
a fan!!!

agent emes no 1 fan! said...

its a shame that the old scenes have been changed. e.g. the castle, the devil and reuven russels desk............ those were the reeal cool ones. the 1st 5 agent emes were the best coz shimmy is a natural actor just like his father. its rlly cute that he keeps on turnin up. keep up the gr8 videos!

Anonymous said...

Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..